Aster Care begins using 'This is Me' for its service users with dementia

14-June-2018 14:28
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This Is Me

Aster Care has adopted the joint Royal College of Nursing and Alzheimer's Society booklet 'This is Me' for use with its service users who have complex dementia who are unable to communicate who they are to others. Aster Care supports those with more rare forms of dementia and as such, require someone to be with them 24 hours a day to maintain their safety and enhance their well-being as much as possible. The use of this booklet helps to present the person as a 'whole', detailing how their condition affects them in every aspect of their life, rather than being presented as a 'name' and a 'diagnosis' which can often slot people into categories of which assumptions are then made about them. The booklet will be used for visiting health and social care professionals, and can be a useful summary to take to health appointments or hospital visits/admission.