Aster Care has signed up to participate in dementia research!

12-June-2018 13:50
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Following our visit to The Alzheimer's Show in London (8th June 2018, Olympia), Aster Care has signed up to Dementia Research, run by the NHS National Institute for Health Research. According to the organisation, whilst over 850,000 people currently have the a diagnosis of the condition is made every 3 minutes in the UK, less than 6% of these people have taken part in any form of research. It is only through research that effective treatments can be developed with the aim of alleviating or curing this disease which, contrary to popular belief, is not an age-related condition.

Please help improve the lives of those with dementia by signing up on You can participate if you are over 18 and either have an interest in dementia, have or know someone with dementia.  A researcher will be in contact when an appropriate study becomes available and there is no obligation to participate.